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Adapted from Lauren Oliver’s New York Times best-selling book of the same name, ‘Before I Fall’ is about a mean school girl named Sam, who spends her days fooling around with her group of popular friends and bullying others at her school. But one day, after a brutal car accident, she finds herself in a loop where she keeps living the same day again and again. To stop this loop, she sets to figure out what’s causing it. But the deeper she digs into this mystery, the more she ends up turning her whole life around.

The film’s time travel plot is enough to keep you intrigued but what makes it even more captivating is its deeper themes revolving around second chances and finding one’s purpose. Moreover, the stellar performance of its cast adds more heft to its coming-of-age drama. Along with all of this, the movie’s mise-en-scène also creates the perfect smug high school environment. So if all of this got you wondering where it was filmed, read on further to know all about the filming locations of ‘Before I Fall’.

Before I Fall Filming Locations
The principal photography of ‘Before I Fall’ begun on November 16, 2015, and went on till December 19, 2015. The movie was entirely filmed in several locations of British Columbia, where it was predominantly shot in North Vancouver and Squamish. Halston Sage, who plays the role of Lindsay Edgecomb, posted a snap from the first day of the filming of the movie with the other three female leads:

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Source: TheCinemaholic

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